Q: What sets you apart from all the other dealers?

A: We advertise what we sell with full descriptions AND prices. We don’t leave you guessing on what we sell, what its condition is, or how much it will cost. We will give you our best evaluation of the equipment and we can coordinate a full inspection if one is not available. This can be done by the customer, dealer or a 3rd party inspector. Also, we are one of the most effective marketers in the industry and reach a worldwide audience. 4M Iron is truly a global company.


Q: What is your best price?

A: We advertise all our prices and as such feel it is important to advertise a price we mean. Occasionally we can discount or offer a reduced delivery price but we don’t have the huge markups of the other dealers.


Q: Do you have financing available?

A: 4M Iron has financing available through several finance and lease companies. We work with them to get you a good rate. Our sources specialize in used equipment. That is where we can help.


Q: Do you lease equipment?

A: On the later model equipment we do offer a lease program. The minimum lease would be 6 months. Contact our sales staff for additional information on how we can help.


Q: Do you buy equipment?

A: Yes. If you have equipment to sell, send us good photos of your equipment along with the serial number and the price you would like to get for it. If it looks good and the price is reasonable we will come and inspect it and write you a check on the spot. Much of our equipment comes from contractors like you. We can handle a single piece to a spread of any size.

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